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released for: The Infection part I
releasedate: 08.05.2008
album: Infection OST
Infectionnoire p1[OGG]
Used as: background music

released at: The Gathering 2007
releasedate: 08.04.2007
album: [ To Be Announced ]
Bittersweet Sheen[OGG]
Coproduced for: DJ Gunsmith

released at: Assembly 2006
releasedate: 06.07.2006
album: [ To Be Announced ]
Top Gunsmith[OGG]
Coproducer: DJ Ransom

original artist: Matt Gray
remix releasedate: 23.12.2005
Dominator tune 1

original artist: Adam Gilmore
remix releasedate: 12.12.2005
Draconus tune 3

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